tmate open-sourced: Instantly share your terminal through your private servers

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tmate is a tool to instantly share your terminal. Learn more on
Due to popular demand, the server side is finally open source!
No more trust issues :)

Host your own tmate server

The sources are located at

You need a Linux distribution as tmate utilizes linux specific features.
Here is how you can run your own tmate server.

git clone && cd tmate-slave
./ # This will generate SSH keys, remember the keys fingerprints.
vim tmate.h # Edit TMATE_DOMAIN with yours.
./ && ./configure && make


The tmate sources are released under the MIT license, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.
Feel free to to integrate tmate with your service, something like Showterm,, MadEye, or Floobits.

I would really like a platform where people can share their terminal publicly when working on open source projects. I’d like to see experts working on their projects to learn new workflows. And perhaps jump in to pair with a stanger :)

For more information on tmate check out

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Published: October 04 2013

Edited: October 5 2013

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